Adding Backlinks are NOT for Everyone

Those who have experienced adding backlinks can say that they are not easy. It takes time and a lot of effort on the part of the one adding those links. You really need to have a great plan when you are about to do this SEO task. You don’t want to be penalized for adding those links to other sites thinking they are okay. Sometimes we need to read those community rules about posting and membership etiquette. But, I bet not all of us read those long rules and regulations. Instead, we just agree on them without reading them thoroughly ( I salute those individuals who take time to read all those statements before clicking the agree button, YOU are the men!). Newbie SEO specialist may find themselves having problems if they will just add their links on different sites. Your account could be suspended if you violated some community rules. You posting your links to other websites could be deemed as spamming. Worst, a community member could report you if he thinks you have done it. So, before you will add your backlinks be very sure that you have read the community rules on the sites where you will add them.

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Penalized for Violation of Backlinks

Be wary of adding your backlinks on different sides. There could be a chance that your account will be suspended or terminated if you have indiscriminately added backlinks. So, what if you are penalized? Well, you could appeal to the site’s admin. He will have to analyze what you have done to merit that kind of suspension. Replies on your appeal could take days depending on how busy the person or the organization is. It is really a waste of time and effort if all the hours that you have worked in adding your backlinks will just go to waste. Imagine an SEO specialist or someone adding those backlinks for hours and later on, he will just receive a notification that he violated some rules and his account is now suspended. He might shout, cry, sad or laugh at the situation because in his mind he will have to do the task from the start, again. It is really an unlucky situation if it will be like that.

Create Powerful Backlinks

It is a must that you know what you are really doing. So, if you will be tasked to add backlinks, be sure that you know what you are supposed to be doing. Read and read stuff on how to go about it. Try not to spam for you to have a lot of backlinks. There are proven ways on how to create powerful backlinks. They might take a lot of your time but they will surely not put your account in trouble. Create contents that are informative, useful or entertaining because they will be one of your means to have those powerful backlinks. Also, beware of those “insta links” wherein you will have to pay some guy so you will have the links that you will need. They could probably work for you or not. You have to be careful of those vultures. Some will take advantage of you, your trust, your time and your money. (For those of you who are taking advantage of people, shame on you!) So, if you want those high-quality backlinks, better start reading and watching those videos on how to create them.

Please do let me know about your ways of doing backlinks (would highly appreciate them). I don’t wanna be penalized. 🙂


Why Freelance Writing is Hard

Sometimes you ace it, sometimes you don’t. There are times that you are in the mood to write, other times you can’t form a single sentence. This is what usually happens when you are writing especially when you are doing it for a client. Have you ever experienced writing a beautiful piece and then the client would just say that it isn’t what he likes? That’s how things are sometimes in writing. You get in the mood to write following the ideas of what the client wants and then when you give your output to your client, he would just say “This isn’t what I have in mind.” Yes, there could be problems in communication there. As a writer, you may have misunderstood what the client wants or the client hasn’t expressed well what he truly wanted. In the end, it’s either you rewrite the whole thing in order to get paid. Lucky if the client will still pay you for the piece that he doesn’t like or need (I need that kind of client).

When your article gets rejected or may be erroneous for the client’s taste, you might be depressed. Yeah, not just sad lol. So, that can affect your day and your outputs. You might not be motivated to work so you will become unproductive. But, maybe after your mopping and being depressed and all, you just have to wake up and move on. Decide what you want if you still want to continue being a freelance writer or not. If your client still wants to go on working with you, then continue to do so (unless there are other reasons that prevents you). Try on how to be an effective writer. There could be topics that will interest you more and make you a better writer. But, oftentimes in freelance writing you can’t choose what to write because it is being dictated by the client. That’s normal. That’s work.

If you are still depressed because of your work results, try to see the bigger picture. There is more to being depressed. Cry and be sad the whole day maybe then the next day, wake up, rise and shine and get ready to conquer to world. It’s only you who can make a difference in your world. If you’re given the chance to work, a short one maybe, grab it. It’s an opportunity and not everyone will be given that kind of chance. Remote working or working at home and being a freelance writer works best with certain people. If that works for you, go and make a move. Stop being depressed and all and continue to work. Find inspiration. Watch a movie, maybe Netflix and chill? You could all watch some funny TikTok, it will sure remove some of your depression. Also, have a chat with someone. Sometimes, you just need to rant and talk to someone to ease the “burden” that you have. So, if you are one of those who finds why writing is hard, then you have to weigh where you stand. Know your strength because that strength will lift mountains for you.

Back From Where I Have Been

It was more than a year since my last post here. I had also not posted in some of my personal blogs. I did some social media work, translation, and editing stuff. They were somewhat writing gigs but not a full writing job that I was used to. It came to a point that it was kinda hard to write articles every day with different topics for different clients. It was ghostwriting but I’m thankful for that job.

I went freelancing and I had encountered different clients. Some were generous and some weren’t. Some gave less work for good pay while others bombard you will all the tasks like you were being a slave. I think a number of freelancers can relate to this. Cheers to those employers who also think of their assistants and not just their selves. I mean, if your assistant is having a good time working with you, she will go beyond what you are asking for. She might be willing to work a few hours unpaid or at a minimal fee if she is really invested in the tasks that you have given here.

I didn’t accept any voice-related jobs. The noise my environment produces from time to time is not conducive for the work. So, as much as I want to work on a voice job, I prefer not to. Moreover, I work best through writing. I communicate better through writing. You can’t go wrong with a well-written line.

Also, I would like to thank my part-time bosses now for giving me the chance to work on their different online stores. Yeah, I ventured into eCommerce now, “designing” the images, choosing the best tags, listing, and writing product descriptions. Huh! Still writing tho! But I love this work. I hope a lot more people will give chances to those who are looking for jobs during this pandemic. Some have hidden skills and unnurtured ones! They are just diamonds in the rough and they just need a chance. Might as well give them one.

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Applying for SEO Specialists Jobs

Do you want to be an SEO specialist? Do you fancy to have a job that can improve a website’s ranking in a search engine results page (SERP)? Are you ready for the challenges of the tasks of becoming an SEO strategist? If all your answers are yes, then welcome and good luck my friend.

SEO: What is this all about

SEO is short for Seach Engine Optimization. It is a way to improve a website’s rank in SERP. Why is there a need to improve the rank of a website? It is for the reason that a website on a higher rank especially those found on the first pages of the search engine will be more exposed to the “searchers” on the Internet. Mostly, those who search (let’s say on Google) on the Internet will click those recommended sites found and on top of the search engine’s result. This will somewhat give the idea that those sites on the first page are reliable, known and have the “authority” on the subject matter being searched. If a business owner wants his site to be at the top of the SERP, SEO can do it. There are many strategies that can be done on how to go about this. An SEO specialist can do a white hat or black hat strategy.

While a black hat SEO strategy is the opposite of the white hat SEO. Although some would get fast results by using this strategy. Once the search engine finds out that you have used this, there could be a negative effect on your site. The site could be penalized. One strategy with this is that you will post links of your sites to other sites (probably in the comments section) indiscriminately without you posting related comments to the sites/pages. This is somewhat spamming and site owners may delete your comments if they find them unrelated and not useful.

White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO: Which color are you

SEO specialist jobs for NJ Freelance Services
SEO strategies

This sounds like, “are you for the good or the bad one?” We kind of connect that anything with white means purity, goodness, and similar adjectives while for the black color this could mean the opposite of white. Well, it’s somewhat similar to the white hat SEO and the black hat SEO. Most business owners would go for the white hat SEO because it is an ethical SEO strategy and search engines prefer this kind of method. It follows search engine rules and algorithms to increase the rank site. This is more beneficial and has lasting rank effects. Also, with a white hat SEO strategy, you will have a site that is worth visiting because of its better contents.

SEO Tasks

So, what should an SEO specialist be expected to do?  Well, one thing that he must do is to optimize the website for it to improve its rank on SERP.  He can do an “on page optimization” and “off page optimization.” The website should have the right meta keywords and meta description. Also, he should link the social media sites of the business. If the site is a business website, it is expected that it should also have accounts on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others. Prospective clients are using those social media platforms and if you want to reach them then you need to improve your online presence.

As an SEO specialist, it is your task to optimize all the pages and posts.  The title of the posts, as well as their subtitles, should have the right keywords that are related to the business. The contents of the site should also contain the keywords or the key phrases that were chosen based on the keyword search tool that you have used. If the page or posts lack content, then you have to add relevant information. Having internal and external links on your site can also improve your Internet traffic. These are just some of the tasks that are included in the task description of SEO specialist job.

Learning SEO

Search engine optimization can be very challenging. It can also be tedious but rewarding. You have to be so patient and be analytic so you can create the right strategies on how to optimize a site. If you want to learn about SEO, you can start by reading articles about this. There are tons and tons of information regarding this. Also, there are a lot of videos on YouTube that can help you to get the idea of how it is done. But, if you really want to become an SEO specialist then you have to enroll in those in-depth courses about SEO. This will take time and for you to be called a good SEO specialist or SEO strategist, you have to start now. You can apply for those SEO specialist jobs if you are already equipped with the right skills. You have to practice and improve your SEO skills. The more experience you will have, the more you will have the knowledge and the ability to improve a website’s ranking.

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How to Start Your Freelance Services

Know Yourself


You may have read a lot of articles about the success stories of individuals who ventured into freelancing and these may have prompted you to follow what they have done. Success doesn’t come overnight. It may take a lot of time, perseverance, determination and sacrifice on your part. But if you are willing to be successful like them, then you have to start now. You need to be desirous and determined to become a freelancer so that in the future you will become successful like them. So, what should you do to start your freelancing career?

Upgrade Your Skills

One way to upgrade your skill or learn a new one is to enroll in a paid course. Of course, there are free courses that are available on the Internet but when you know you are paying for the course, you will have another force that will push you to be serious about the course and learn from it. Updating your skills can improve your freelancing career. YOU have to invest in your self. You have to be patient because you might not be able to get what you want in a day, a week or probably months. I always think about this idea, if a thing is for you then it will be for you no matter where you are even if you are under a rock (like Patrick Star).

Offering the following online article writer jobs, online content creator jobs, SEO specialist jobs, freelance services


Never give up and try and try until you will be able to achieve what you want. You have to come out of your shell. It is one way to find a new you. Improve yourself and after that, you may be able to find a career that’s really for you. You could be a freelancer offering specialized freelance services such as article writing, content creation, SEO, virtual assistant, and many others. If you are still thinking whether freelancing is for you, maybe you could try to experiment. Try to apply for part-time jobs that you can do but I’ll tell you the freelancing world is so competitive. Just be determined, learn and improve your skills, be patient and most of all pray. It may be the key to your success.

For inquiries, please send a message.

Online Article Writing

It is not easy to write an article especially when the topic is so “alien” to the writer. He must research it, read a lot of related documents, watch related videos and sometimes do things that are connected to the topic. He must be able to understand what the subject is all about before he will be able to write an article based on the subject specification. Also, there are times that writers can’t compose a paragraph because of the “writer’s block” and if this is experienced the writer can’t do anything about it. But sometimes a writer no matter how hard the topic is, there will always something that can motivate him to start and finish what he is supposed to write. One of these is when the deadline is approaching. You will be amazed at how a writer can be triggered to write when the deadline is near. He will have that kind of adrenaline rush and have a great mental push when he knows that the article has to be passed soon. Some writers are so good that they will be able to write anytime while others need to rest first before they will be able to produce quality content.

It would be nice if a prospective employer will not be so stingy with payments for article writers :). They should realize that writing is hard. But every individual is different. There are employers  of online article writing jobs that are generous while others are not. There will also be writers who will not give their bests when they know they aren’t being given what they should have. However, there are also writers that are providing better writing so as to show that they have really the skills. A newbie writer might take a low payment just to experience what the task is all about. We all have to start at some point. If you are down right now, always think that there is nowhere to go but up. Writing can be fun and therapeutic but it can also cause a lot of headaches. Find something that can keep you motivated in writing. Soon you will be at the place where you want to be.

Online Article Writer

For article writing, content creation and SEO tasks, NJ Freelance Services is here for you. I can help you write SEO articles; articles which are based on your keywords or key phrases. 

“Fortune favors the bold.”